Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

In Wilson, we are committed to improve safety at all levels of the organization. We shall learn from each other, our experiences, the industry and our customers. We shall take all measures to protect our personnel, the environment, our property and the cargo we deliver for our customers. 

We think before we act! 

We shall plan and risk assess our activities across the company. We are committed to establish safeguards against all identified risks in our daily operations. 

We act safe! 

All working operations shall be carried out in accordance with mandatory rules and regulations. All employees shall be given the necessary resources, equipment and training to carry out their tasks in a safe working environment.

We learn! 

We shall continuously improve our quality and safety measures in all activities. We shall learn from best practices within our organization and the industry. We acknowledge that we can all do mistakes, but we shall treat any incidents by being open and honest. Any unwanted events shall be an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to identify learnings and improvements to avoid recurrence. 

We think, we act, we learn! 

We think, we act, we learn are the cornerstones of our Safety Management System. We are all committed to implement and maintain the policy in all levels of our company. 

Wilson’s Safety Rules