Maintenance in our genes

With a large fleet and all our operations in house, we are uniquely positioned to learn from our colleagues and optimise fleet operations in all areas. We belive we are the best in class, and with continued focus, we will get better day by day. 

Our primary purpose is to maintain all vessels to a high standard - what is known as a lifetime maintenance strategy. 
As soon as we take over a second-hand vessel or a newbuilding, we install our hardware, satellite communication system, computers, safety system and software for streamlining all operations onboard and on shore. 
Our maintenance system plan allows us to fully monitor performance data for shore, and create or change work orders. And, of course, we can fully update the system with new modules and install the latest updates without sending anyone onboard. 
In addition, our IT department fully controls all computers, software, and communication onboard and on shore. 
That’s what we call the perfect Wilson system! 

Planning can always be better. Moving unplanned issues to planned work orders helps. This will reduce unplanned off-hire and unnecessary costs, enabling us to provide our clients with safe and reliable transport. Unplanned off-hire can result in deviation from the original sailing plan, cause delay for our customers, and result in extra fuel consumption and loss of income. We therefore strive to minimise unplanned off-hire and keep planned off-hire as short as practically possible. 

“I am the Fleet Manager for vessels in operations, and my goals are clear: Teach a man how to do repairs, and he’ll be good at repairing things that need it. Teach a man how to plan good repairs, and he’ll be a happy, smiley man who always jas time to serve our customers!”
- Terje Vedøy, Fleet Manager.