About Us

With the largest short sea fleet in Europe, we are the leading shipping company within our segment. We see our business as a vital part of the European industry value chain.

Every year we transport about 15 million tonnes dry cargo across Europe. Approximately 10,000 port calls a year give us significant presence. A well-developed logistics system built around a strategically balanced portfolio of contracts and spot cargoes, combined with a homogenous fleet, enable our skilled workforce to meet customer demand. This results in reliable, flexible and competitive transport for our customers. 

With a fleet of around 130 vessels ranging from 1500 to 8500 DWT, all of similar design, our core objective is that any vessel can carry any cargo, at any time. 

As a fully integrated shipping company we handle everything in house: chartering and operations, ship management, marine accounting, crewing, purchasing, legal and insurance. 
We are proud to employ about 2 000 highly qualified and dedicated employees all working towards the same goals.  

Our head office is in Bergen, Norway, and we have branch offices strategically located in Europe.