Wilson places an order for up to 14 newbuildings.

Wilson ASA, a leading European player in the short-sea market, announces the signing of a significant contract for the construction of six state-of-the-art 3,800 dwt future-proof newbuildings with a focus on environmental benefits, flexibility, and efficiency. In addition, Wilson can declare an option for eight more vessels, totalling the order to 14 vessels. This milestone underscores Wilson's commitment to a sustainable and forward-looking maritime industry.

The contracted newbuildings will reduce environmental impact and enhance efficiency. The vessels will be designed to meet and surpass environmental standards required in today's maritime industry and it is a step in the right direction to further reduce the shipping carbon footprint.  

The vessel will be equipped with energy-efficient machinery, optimized hull design, and systems for optimal resource utilization and fuel savings. In an ever-evolving industry, Wilson believes flexibility is key, and the newbuildings will be designed to adapt to a wide range of fuel and energy types going forward.

With this order, Wilson strengthens its position as a modern and responsible player in the maritime industry. The plan is for the newbuildings to be ready for delivery by early 2025. It will further strengthen Wilson's commitment to sustainable and efficient maritime transportation and ensuring the company's ability to deliver flexible and efficient services to our clients. The newbulings will also contribute to enhanced operational excellence for the Wilson fleet.

Wilson ASA