The Environment

We believe that minimizing ballast and increasing our fleet utilization is improving our carbon footprint. This can be achieved by our “Wilson System” of combining a large fleet with an efficient pattern of contract- and spot voyages. 

Roughly 40 percent of the time, our vessels are in port. With shore-power systems being installed in a number of ports, we have been actively supporting this development. The majority of our fleet is ready for shore-power and we have participated in pilot projects in the port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Mo I Rana. 

Ensuring utilization in a sustainable manner for the future, we acknowledge that we need to improve moving forward. Therefore, we are currently participating in a pilot project with the aim to map alternative fuels, brining us closer to emission free transport. We are also continuously working on other technical and digital innovations that can improve our services. By entering strategic partnerships, we are confident that we will be able to improve our environmental sustainability for the coming years! 

Read more about the environment in our ESG report here.