Part of the green transformation

Sea transport is considered the most environmentally friendly way of transporting goods. However, we want to take an active position to participate in the transition towards a more sustainable maritime industry. 

We entered 2021 with the first shore power trial with Wilson Goole in Amsterdam, and it was a success. 

The power was provided by local wind energy, and it can deliver electricity to any part of the port, and it is transported by barge. Shore power contributes to both reduced CO2 emissions and reduced noise.

The more ports that follow the example of Amsterdam, the more cost-effective it will be for shipping companies to prepare their vessels for use of shore power. In principle, any vessel can be adjusted for shore power.

We are proud that all vessels owned by Wilson already are prepared for use of shore power, and we expect for the coming years an increased use of shore power as well as continued decline in harmful emissions in ports.