Proud sponsor of Maria Winther and Lars Bukkehave 

In August 2021 we were happy to present our new member of the Wilson family, Maria Winther. As a younger and career driven women it was natural for her to prioritize her career above her hobbies. But why do we actually feel that we have to choose?  

When the opportunity came for Maria to work for Wilson, she saw an opening for a long-term solution. Norway was the perfect destination due to the combination of one big outdoor playground and a job who accepts her for who she is and help her fulfill her dreams.  

We are happy to announce that our colleague, Maria Winther and her partner Lars Bukkehave will in April next year strap on their skis and travel to Greenland for their biggest expedition in life so far. They will go to explore rarely visited areas and plan to spend 30-40 days on the ice, crossing abt 750 kilometers, of course agw wp. 

- I made it very clear in the interview with Wilson who I am and what I want in life. Wilson knew what they got, and they have supported that since day one. It makes me extremely proud to be able to represent a company like that.  
I can proudly say that every day, not all day, but every day, I get a smile to face by the thoughts of having made this decision in my life, Maria tells us.  

Commercial Director at Wilson EuroCarriers AS, Jostein Bjørgo looks forward to following Maria and Lars on their journey. 
- I think it is very exciting to have employees who want to follow their dreams. In Wilson we are very positive to support our employees and we believe that by investing in them they will stay motivated and perform at work. I look forward to following Maria and Lars journey and wish them the best of luck, Jostein tells.  

An expedition begins at least 1 year before you strap your skis on and begin the adventure. All our spare time is spending on the preparations which involves logistics, safety preparations and training. Both Maria and Lars have used their abilities. It’s natural that Maria is taking the lead on the logistics with her background and Lars with the route planning and safety precautions, with his many years of ski and outdoor skills.  

When travelling to these harsh but magical environments, it’s the unknown and rawest version on earth you will get! Thereby also the rawest version of yourself and of the team you are travelling with! There is no pretending out there, there is only the purest version and at the end of the day, that is the easiest version to be.  
To be able to bring these experiences back, to show others that the ordinary can achieve the extraordinary. That you get the furthest by being yourself and by doing what you are passionate about, gives us the extra gear needed sometimes! It’s not all about us, it’s about so much more. 
It is not always the strongest, nor the most intelligent who gets the furthers. But the one who dares to be themselves and to create their own path in life, Maria and Lars explains.  

With this, we hope you are looking forward to following Maria and Lars adventure as much as we do! Stay tuned for more updates about Maria and Lars who are now getting ready to fulfill their dreams!