Working Safely With Suppliers  


For more than a decade, we have been working closely with Equinor on safety through their program Working Safely With Suppliers (WSWS). This is done through reporting, seminars and gatherings.

In 2021, and due to the challenges faced with due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our normally held biannual seminar was in a different format than previously. Instead of meeting face to face, we met via video. Regardless of how we meet, the focus for both Equinor and Wilson remains the same; improving safety at all levels of the organization and learning from each other.  

In Wilson, we acknowledge that improving safety takes time. It takes patience, it takes trustworthiness, and it takes resources. It requires commitment, regardless of rank, and this starts with leadership. For this year’s Working Safely with Suppliers Wilson was represented by key personnel from Commercial and Ship Management. All with the same goal; improving safety through close customer relations, and underlying that through our core values; Trustworthy, Competitive and Safe.