Training centre

The professional training of seafarers becomes more important from year to year. In 2003 Wilson Crewing Agency established a training centre. The centre is committed to provide qualitative training, education and extension services to seamen. Education and training of seafarers is based on the IMO requirements, company requirements and international agreements regarding professional training of maritime personnel. The training centre focuses on the following topics:

  • Training in accordance with requirements of ISPS code
  • Training for general operation of communication equipment on board the vessels
  • Training in compliance with requirements of the ISM-code
  • Planned maintenance system
  • English language for seamen
  • Computer knowledge

Training is conducted by specialists having wide experience of pedagogical activity, as well as practical activity on fleet. Training is implemented under the approved programs on modern equipment and specialized simulators based on real equipment. The listeners of courses are provided with the educational literature. At the end of courses, the seafarers are required to display the necessary knowledge and practical skills.

Our training expertise is continually reflected through today’s reality and we see an increasing level of professional knowledge of our seamen.