Wilson Crewing Agency Ltd.

The crewing agency was originally established in 1995 to offer seafarers to the international merchant shipping industry.

Our company holds a license as the agent for employment of Russian citizens to work abroad, granted by the Federal Government. We are also certified by the Ministry of Transport to be a crewing/manning agent, meeting the ISO 9001:2000 and ILO Convention requirements.

At present about 1350 seafarers are employed on General Cargo and Bulk Carrier vessels in the Wilson fleet, approx. 80% are Russian, recruited from Wilson Crewing Agency in Arkhangelsk. The Russian crews mainly come from Northwest Russia and represent a highly stable and loyal workforce with a low turnover. This means that Wilson’s vessels sail with stable crews.

All our seamen working on flag of convenience vessels are covered by an ITF Standard Collective Fleet Agreement concluded between our company and Seafarers Union of Russia. Besides vessels flying flag of convenience, we also supply and arrange crew for NIS vessels.

We co-operate closely with different state maritime educational institutions such as Saint Petersburg Maritime Academy, Arkhangelsk Marine College (both white-listed by the IMO according to STCW’95) and their Training Centres. 

Wilson Crewing Agency and Wilson Ship Management have established training facilities and we arrange relevant courses for our crew on regular basis. At the moment we supply crew for more than 80 vessels and the number is gradually increasing, following Wilson Ship Management expansion.