Wilson: 11.10.2017 14:50


Makarov and Khoroshavin

The 10th of January 2005, two men met on board a vessel. The result of this meeting, is by now a 10th anniversary celebration in Odessa!

The meeting occurred when Wilson took over the vessel M/V CARRIER. On board, Vladimir Makarov was captain, and Victor Fedorov was the representative from Wilson. She was named M/V WILSON GDANSK, and is still sailing in the Wilson fleet. 

The outcome of this purchase was not only the vessel, but also new connections which would later lead to the establishment of Wilson Crewing Agency Odessa (WCA Odessa). 

Wilson was in the process of purchasing several vessels, and the company’s owned fleet was growing. From a business perspective, it was challenging to be represented solely by Wilson Crewing Agency in Arkhangelsk, and the need arose to expand the crewing business. 

Cpt. Vladimir Makarov had a friend in the crewing business in Odessa, namely Sergey Khoroshavin. And the idea of the WCA Odessa was born. The WCA Odessa's day of establishment was 4th of October 2007, and on the 4th of October 2017, a 10-year celebration was arranged for the office. 

After a decade of Wilson’s presence in Odessa, the office is now managed by Victor Migik and his colleagues Cpt. Vladimir Makarov, Sergey Khoroshavin and Victoria Ushakhina. The office is employing approximately 300 seafarers, and handle the crew management, complete or partial, for 23 Wilson vessels.