Board of Directors

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Kristian Eidesvik - Chairman of the board

Mr. Eidesvik has extensive experience within the marine and shipping sector. Until 1985 Mr. Eidesvik was captain and owner of several fishing boats. From 1985 to 1997 Mr. Eidesvik was the General Manger of Eidesvik Shipping AS. Since 1997 Mr. Eidesvik has been the General Manager and owner of Caiano AS. 
Mr. Eidesvik holds several directorships, the most important in addition to Wilson are in Sparebanken Rogaland, Green Reefers ASA, Qubus Hotell Holding AS, Bømmeløy AS, Odra Industries ASA, Koralfisk AS and Karmsund Fiskemel AS. He has been the Chairman of the Board of Wilson since 2000. 
Mr. Eidesvik is a Norwegian citizen with residence in Bømlo, Norway. 

Eivind Eidesvik - Board member

Mr. Eidesvik is educated as a Ship Master. He has previous experience as seaman from Eidesvik & Co AS, mate from Austvoll Havfiske AS, mate from Green Management AS and operator from Green Reefers ASA. Mr. Eidesvik is currently the General Manager of Caiano Shipping AS. He is a board member of Green Bergen AS and, since 2004, of Wilson. 
Mr. Eidesvik is a Norwegian citizen with residence in Bergen, Norway.


Steinar Madsen - Board Member

Steinar Madsen (born 1967) is an independent consultant resided in Stavanger. Mr. Madsen is widely experienced within shipping and logistics, primarily from his 16 years in different leading positions in “Det Stavangerske Damskibsselskab AS”, whereof 8 years as General Director.

Ellen Solstad - Board member

Mrs. Solstad holds a Bachelor Degree from BI. She has previous experience from R.G Hagland AS and Solstad Offshore UK Ltd. Mrs. Solstad is currently Managing Director of Solstad Invest AS and Ivan AS. Mrs. Solstad has been a board member of Wilson since 2005. In addition she holds directorships in Karmsund Fiskemel AS, Karmsund Fiskeindustri AS, Karm Med AS, Sydvest Eiendom AS and Ivan AS. 
Mrs. Solstad is a Norwegian citizen with residence in Skudeneshavn, Norway.


Synnøve Seglem - Board member

Ms. Seglem holds a master degree in civil engineering from the Imperial College, London, UK and has since 2013 been Deputy Manager at Knutsen OAS Shipping AS. Ms. Seglem is a board member of two other Norwegian boards of directors as well as one in the UK. 

Synnøve Seglem is a Norwegian citizen with residence in Haugesund.


Lasse Selvik - Board member (Employee elected)

Mr. Selvik joined the Board of Directors in 2014 when he was elected employee representative. He has been working for the company since 2001 and is currently Scheduling Manager for Wilson EuroCarriers.