6000-8500 dwt

MV Wilson Sund

Wilson operates about 15 bulk carriers in this segment. There are more similarities between the 3000-4500 and 6000-8500 ton segments than differences, but the latter segment involves greater volumes of raw materials than semi-finished and finished products.

In terms of volume the most transported commodities are quartz, various minerals and stone, but the segment also includes substantial volumes of fertilizer, steel, ore, coal and ferro. 

There has been a shortage of new tonnage in this segment, so in December 2006, Wilson signed a newbuilding contract for the building of 8 new bulk vessels of about 8300 dwt at YiChang Shipyard (China). The newbuildings were delivered during 2010-2012 and are now part of the trade for the 6000-8500 dwt segment.