Norway-Rhine Line (NRL)

The Norway-Rhine Line calls any port along the Norwegian coast. The cargo destination is the deciding factor.

The segment of 1500-3000 dwt vessels serves the Norway-Rhine Line, which is a weekly service of vessels between ports in Norway and the Continent.

The line, which was established as far back as 1958, is based on southbound industrial cargoes from Norway to the UK and the Continent and return shipments from the European industry. Important southbound commodities to the European steel industry in the Rhine are ferro-alloys and minerals from Norway, while northbound consignments are predominantly steel products from German steel producers.

Through our network of agents, the line offers customers door-to-door transportation services to any Norwegian destination. The Norway-Rhine Line offers weekly sailings from Duisburg and Rotterdam to both the east and west coast of Norway. The north coast of Norway is served every fourth week.