MV WILSON NARVIK discharging steel coils
MV WILSON MAAS loading sulphur

Wilson transports yearly about 15 mill tons of cargo.

The 3000-4500 tons segment is well diversified in terms of transported goods. The largest volume commodities are fertiliser and coal, but shipments also include considerable quantities of minerals, steel and grain.
The 6000-8500 tons segment is also well diversified in terms of commodities. In terms of volume the most transported commodities are quartz, diverse minerals and stone, but the segment also includes substantial volumes of fertiliser, steel, ore, coal and ferro.
The 1500-2500 tons segment (The Norway-Rhine Line) is based on southbound industrial cargoes from Norway to the UK and the Continent and return shipments from European industry and project cargoes. Important southbound commodities to the European steel industry in the Rhine-area are ferro-alloys and minerals from Norway, while northbound consignments are predominantly steel products from German steel producers.

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