Wilson Murmansk Ltd.

Harbour view - Murmansk
Wilson Finnfjord loading in Murmansk © Intrans

Location: Murmansk

In May 2009 Wilson established a new office in Russia; Wilson Murmansk Ltd. The official opening was held on 28th May 2009 with more than 60 customers and guests present. The establishment of Wilson Murmansk is a prolongation of Wilson’s already existing presence in Russia. Wilson’s vessels have been transporting different bulk cargoes to and from Russian ports for many years, and has since 1995 been running Wilson Crewing Agency in Arkhangelsk.

Wilson Murmansk Ltd. aims to take care of Wilson's commercial interests in different projects in Russia including Shtokman and the development of the Murmansk transportation network. The office will also assist in coordinating Wilson’s port calls in Murmansk including settling potential operational problems, crewing matters and the full spectre of transport and cargo including organizing of stevedoring, storage, forwarding, agency services and custom clearance.

Having one of Europe’s largest fleets with more than 100 vessels, and good, long-term relations with leading Russian agencies, forwarding companies, stevedoring companies and custom brokers, Wilson Murmansk is prepared to meet future challenges in Russian and European trade.


Wilson Murmansk Ltd.
Trudovye Rezervy str. 6
Murmansk, 183025 Russia
Tel.: +7 8152 446296
Mob.tel.: + 7 921 1625346
Fax: +7 8152 441771
General e-mail: wilson.murmansk@wilsonship.com
Agency e-mail: agency.murmansk@wilsonship.com