Short description of the subsidiaries

Wilson EuroCarriers AS 
is the Wilson Group’s operation and chartering company, and is the counterparty to all freight contracts (COA) with the company’s clients. The transport contracts range in duration from a few months to several years. Wilson EuroCarriers AS is one of Europe’s largest and leading operators in the inter-European dry cargo sector.

Nesskip ehf.
provides chartering and agency service from its main office in Iceland, just outside Reykjavik. Via a subsidiary, Nesskip owns three bulk vessels that all sail in the Wilson system.

Wilson Agency Norge AS
is Wilson's agent in Norway, located in Bergen.

HSW Logistics GmbH
is Wilson’s agent in Duisburg. The company is owned 50/50 by Wilson and Haeger & Schmidt.

Wilson Agency B.V.
is Wilson’s agent in Rotterdam.

Wilson Murmansk Ltd.
is Wilson's marketing office in Murmansk towards Russian customers.

Wilson Management AS
provides administration services for the Wilson Group.

Wilson Ship Management AS
is responsible for the technical management of Wilson's owned vessels, as well as two vessels for external shipowners.

Wilson Crewing Agency Ltd.
in Arkhangelsk is responsible for the majority of Wilson’s crew recruitment and training needs.

Wilson Crewing Agency Odessa Ltd.
assists the Wilson Crewing Agency with crew recruitment in the Ukrainian market.

Wilson Shipowning AS
owns Wilson’s vessels and is counterparty to bareboat charter parties contracted with closely related parties.

Wilson Ship AS
hires ships on charter from external owners. The charter parties have durations ranging from 6 months to several years, some with options on extensions.

Unistar Shipping Co. Ltd.
is the holding company for ships owned via Nesskip.